Cheery Weeping Cherry

Cheery Weeping Cherry

Our weeping cherry tree is blooming almost a month early (in northern Ohio, even)! Just one of life’s little gifts to the soul. Makes me say, “Aaaaahhhhh.”


Exercise: my drug of choice

It never fails to amaze me how much better I feel after a good workout! I’m not talking about anything extreme, either. No, for me, all I need is an hour of brisk walking or yoga, or perhaps 30-45 minutes of moderately fast stationary biking. The trick is that I need to do this at least 5 days a week, and every single day would be best.

The effects of this exercise are dramatic for me. After 10 minutes, I can feel my shoulders relax, the muscles in my forehead soften and the tension in my face and lower back starts to drain away. At about 25 minutes into my workout the fog begins to clear from my brain and my mood lightens considerably. Then, after my mind is lubricated, I can tune into my body and ask: are my hips tight, do I feel properly aligned today, can I sense anything that is just out of whack and in need of adjustment?

Truly, this is like having a physical therapist, yoga master, spiritual guide and psychologist all contained in a neat package called exercise. Yes, it’s amazing. Not to mention a terrific way to enjoy my journey to 100 years old!

10 days of travel

I have just returned to the office after 10 days of work-related travel. My most profound observation: sticking to a routine while on the road is really important, but nearly impossible to do when you go to a new city every couple of days! And I’m only talking about traveling in the U.S., so I can’t imagine how difficult it would be elsewhere.

Honestly, the only reason the “routine problem” even matters to me is that I find it exponentially more difficult to take good care of myself when I stray from my tried-and-true schedule. For me, on my journey to Live to be 100 Years Old, taking care of myself (sleeping well, staying in close touch with loved ones, eating right, etc.) is key to my happiness and how I feel on a daily basis.

In hindsight, I realize that I was easily able to stick to my routines for the first 3 or so days of my journey. What that means is that I have at least 2 choices in the future: 1. I could take trips that last no longer than 3 days!, or 2. I’d better figure out how to live my regular life while traveling.

Before I know it, I’ll have this figured out and be an expert traveler. Until then, I’m going to hang on and try to enjoy the crazy ride!