Minor injuries, body and soul

Over the past several years, I have learned that my body and heart have a way of telling me when something is wrong. After several weeks of minor injuries to my body, all related to overdoing it physically, I figured it’s time to reassess and retune. So I went to see the sports medicine physician and I’ll be doing some physical therapy and have no doubt I’ll be right as rain in no time. My hope is that this work will help me to correct whatever it is I’ve been doing wrong with my body!

Then over the past several days, it’s become clear that there is also something amiss in my soul, which I can tell because my heart is hurting (in an emotional sense, anyway – nothing physically wrong with my heart!). I think this will be more difficult to pinpoint and fix. Since a quick trip to the doctor can’t help me with this, I plan on praying, meditating, and listening a lot. I’m not always very good at listening, so I have to be careful to listen with smart ears and a quiet mind.

Hurting is not very enjoyable, but it is very human.


A child’s to-do list

A child's to-do list

This is an actual to-do list, written by a 9-year-old boy on the first day or so of his spring break. From what I can tell, he’s really got his priorities in order. We could all benefit from a vacation that plays out this way!

Increasing “youthspan” rather than “lifespan”

When I began writing this blog a few months ago, I had no idea where this exploration of living to be 100 years old – and according to my own principles (https://livetobe100.wordpress.com/the-core/) – would take me. One of the results so far is that I now find the topics of aging and quality of life referred to constantly. So I have decided to share those tidbits that I find to be interesting, including the following TED talk:


Keep listening for the short interview at the end of the talk, when the interviewer mentions increasing “youthspan” instead of “lifespan.” Now that’s an idea to keep in mind! I’m not striving to be young, but I think trying to be youthful is a worthy goal.

“The Myths and Marketing of Old Age”

“The Myths and Marketing of Old Age”

Interesting broadcast piece, courtesy of WOSU public radio in Columbus, OH, and so topical! I’m certainly going to read the book Never Say Die by guest Susan Jacoby (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0307377946/?tag=wopume-20). With aging parents who I will be taking care of before I know it, I need all of the information I can get.

Seize the moments

I am just back from going to lunch with my husband and children, who are in town for the week.* There was nothing particularly outstanding about this lunch at a regular restaurant with typical but good pub food. Yet this will be a memorable day for all of us, because we had a wonderful time together as a family!

When I live to be 100, I want to remember this day and how we all made an effort to slow down and spend a precious hour together in the middle of this weekday. This is the good stuff, folks!

*If you are new to this blog: my family and I are in the process of moving, but circumstances dictated that I move several months in advance of them. Each Sunday night, I commute from home to temporary living quarters, where I spend the week. We hope to be living under the same roof again by the end of the summer.