2014 Purchases – updated 8/7/14

To keep myself honest, I am going to list every NEW item I buy in 2014 (the rules for my personal challenge can be found here:     https://livetobe100.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/not-buying-anything-in-2014-part-1-of-2/ ). I could regret this! But, here goes…

Updated August 7, 2014

For the newly renovated bathroom:
-laundry hamper
-soap saver dishes
-bath and hand towels
-1 liquid soap dispenser
-lighted, wall-mount makeup mirror

-2 yards of material to re-style dresses that I love but would otherwise need to get rid of

-earrings and necklace (I was traveling for work and completely forgot to pack any jewelry!)
-backpack (bought second-hand but in mint condition from my sister)

-Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder (Technically, I should not list this here, because this item is a high-quality replacement for the zip-top bags I had been using to organize and compress my clothing for travel. Yet I feel the need to explain the “necessity” of this purchase… I travel a LOT, and this is going to make it easier to pack quickly and also will keep my clothes much neater. I will re-use the zip-top bags for dirty clothes now.)
-tea bag clips
-2 large and 2 small microfiber travel towels (we will be using these extensively for camping)
-4  Nalgene water bladders for our big summer hikes
-felted wool case for my new Kindle Paperwhite (which was a birthday present)

-birthday presents for our younger son (superhero costumes – he has a great imagination!) and for our twin niece and nephew (toddler-safe photo albums for daycare)

Replacements: (replacement items do not count for my challenge, but I decided I want to list them here anyway for reference)
-white t-shirts (2)
-black t-shirt
-black wrinkle-free button-down blouse
-dressy winter coat (my 3-year-old coat, a tweeded wool, was starting to actually shred and pill my clothes along the edges, and the lining was falling apart, so it had to go)
-a few travel-size toiletry bottles
-gray skirt, washable wool (to replace my rapidly-disintegrating washable black skirt)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling (we lost our old copy)
-adventure pants (quick-dry for travel!)
-wicking t-shirt (replaces at least 2 of my current t-shirts)
-quick-dry button-down adventure shirt (replaces at least 2 of my current summer shirts)
-hiking boots (I have needed these for at least the last 3 years!) and socks
-screen house for camping
-Sigg water bottle (these tend to last us for at least 10 years even though we use them daily)
Never Be Closing by Tim Hurson (a friend of mine)


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