85 year old still practicing dermatology..Inspired Inspired Inspired! (reblog)

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MEchele McGready~ Life Coach

 I went to an appointment to see dermatologist, Dr. Burton Allyn in Vails Gate, NY this morning. Not a big deal right? Dull and boring morning itinerary, just another errand to run, blah blah. Well…quite the contrary… I was so inspired by this menial task on my “things to do” list.

Dr. Allyn enters the examination room, and I am just over taken by his energy, like a magnetic field, I feel pulled and compelled to ask him twenty questions paired with twenty comments. I just could not stop complimenting him, noticing the twinkle in his eye, his body posturing, his crispness, his mannerisms. I am TOTALLY enthralled. We start this wonderful banter volley that covers age, work, choices, business and best practices. Surprisingly, this man asked me my age first; not typical behavior of such as classy man, but nothing about this man is typical…I blurt out, “Just turned…

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At the age of 40, I am going back to school to get my MBA. Yes, indeed. As if motherhood, marriage and a full-time job (with lots of travel) were not enough, I am now a student again.

Why, you might ask? I have asked myself the same question many times. And I don’t have a solid answer for that. Perhaps there are so many reasons that I just don’t feel like I need to pick a single one. But here are a few of them: 1) career advancement; 2) set a good example for my kids; 3) I love learning new things; 4) it’s free (my employer is paying for it!); 5) I love learning how other people tick.

It is rather difficult fitting classes in to my life, which could be the understatement of the year for me. My first class was beastly – a great class but it took a chunk of energy out of me and I had to dig deep just to get through it. Attending classes and studying means I am missing out on a lot at home, too. Not just big stuff, like ceremonies and sporting events, but also important stuff like hanging out with my husband and kids, and other stuff I love to do, like tending the garden and mowing the lawn.

I don’t really know many people who have that elusive “balance” figured out, but it sure has become a lot more difficult for me. All of the things that are important to me – family, exercise, yoga, friends, reading and learning for fun – have suddenly become something to schedule in, instead of just letting them happen organically.

Will all of this be worth it in the long run? I have to believe it will. I prayed and meditated a lot on this decision before I made the leap, and I am following my heart. Truly, this is a leap of faith.

Part 2 of 2: Not buying anything in 2014

closet 1-11-14

Back in 2012, I also challenged myself not to buy any stuff. It worked out fairly well for a while, but I didn’t make it into a habit. I know this because by the end of the year (probably by September) I had completely forgotten about the challenge. My life had just become too stressful and hectic due to moving my family to live next door to my parents.

This time, I am going about the challenge in a whole new way. Not only am I not going to buy anything, but I am purging my life of the stuff that has no value to me. I am going to truly appreciate what I have, which will free up my time to really love the people in my life. I am starting this journey by following Project333, dramatically reducing the volume of clothes I wear in each season.

Over the past week, I have put away or given away perhaps 2/3 of my clothes. I haven’t made it down to just 33 pieces yet, which is the suggested number in Project333, and I might not get the number down quite that low. Regardless, I took the above picture of my closet this morning without staging it at all. Most of my clothes are in here now (I still have 2 drawers of clothes in a bureau, but they are nearly empty drawers). It is not perfect, as you can see, but I didn’t tidy anything up, either. For almost a week, my closet has looked something like this every time I open the door. I wish I had a “before” picture to share, but the only one I had actually was staged, so you can’t see the huge difference between a week ago and now.

The really great thing about this mindset is it has already begun to affect other areas of my stuff, as well. I am also purging my body care products, cosmetics, junk drawers, etc. I have even unsubscribed myself from probably dozens of email lists – there was a period of several hours yesterday when I did not receive any new emails, and it was wonderful! Simplifying is addicting!

Living to be 100 will be so much more fulfilling if I am carting around less stuff – all of the time and emotional baggage that goes with it.

Not buying anything in 2014 – part 1 of 2

I challenged myself to not buy anything in 2014. Yikes!

Here are the rules:

  1. I can only buy consumables (food, toothpaste, etc.).
  2. I can buy replacements if favorites or necessities wear out. I foresee needing new socks, white t-shirts, dress pants and a travel coffee mug before the end of the year.
  3. If I buy a replacement, the old one MUST be thrown out or donated!
  4. Replacement items must be better quality, from consignment shops if possible, and hopefully more natural and eco-friendly.
  5. Since we are renovating our house, I can purchase anything related to that project that was already budgeted for. These items include bathroom towels, a laundry hamper,  dishware and possibly artwork. This is by far going to be the most difficult part of the challenge: carefully selecting what we NEED vs. what we WANT, and somehow knowing the difference.

Coming soon: part 2 of 2, my plan for how I am going to thrive during this challenge!

Update: see my list of 2014 purchases here.