Vending machines – a necessary evil

I travel a lot, and no matter how well I plan (making room for fresh, healthy snacks in an airplane-sized carry-on is just not always feasible), all too often I find myself facing this for my lunch:


Ugh! What’s a traveler to do? I have found that the two healthiest options available from most vending machines are a bag of nuts (not sweetened) and – yes I am going to say this! – non-flavored potato chips. Seriously. The nuts are a given, even salted and roasted (as long as you are not allergic, naturally). But the chips? My explanation for this choice is that they are often the least-processed selection and only use three ingredients: potatoes, oil and salt. They wash the potatoes, peel them, slice them, fry them, put on some salt and then package them. You can argue that the oil is not good for you, but at least I know what it is. You can even argue that the sodium is too high, but I’ve done several comparisons to the other available choices, and the chips are always one of the lowest-sodium options. Surprising yet true!

Talk to me: when life hands you a vending machine, what do you choose to eat?


Junk Information

angry frog

Why, oh why, is there so much TERRIBLE information circulating? Pick a topic and then wade through a sea of gobbledygook: politics, war, internet security, parenting, even TAXES! Yes, this is a bit of a rant, brought on by my own search for information on natural exfoliants for the extremely sensitive and rosacea-prone skin on my face. Link after link on the internet kept taking me to the same two or three horrible articles. I guess there is nothing easier than posting a link to a webpage these days, but shame on the writers who just can’t be bothered to do any kind of research or even verify their sources of information! (Likewise, thank heavens for the commenters who point out the errors in the information – one can only hope folks are wise enough to read the comments…)

I will continue to search for the information I need, and I know there are many reputable sites and books available. But this problem is huge, and misinformation (or downright harmful information) is rampant. If you keep looking long enough, you might eventually find some correct information or some truth – but it’s still best to be skeptical and verify sources.

Less of a mess than yesterday, mostly

I have been so incredibly grateful to everyone who has reached out to me in kindness during the past few weeks. Between Dad’s sudden illness and passing, I have desperately needed all the kindnesses extended to me. But one question that I just can’t figure out how to answer is, “How are you doing?” It is just so hard to answer. For the most part, I just say, “I’m OK, thanks for asking.” But what I really want to say is, “You name it and I’m probably feeling it.”

I’m still tired. So incredibly tired. Bone-tired is perhaps the best description.

But I think I’m slightly less tired than yesterday, and maybe slightly more ready to face the grief. I’m functioning better today, and I had a great night’s sleep once this week, which seems like progress to me.

Still, it’s a good thing it’s Friday. My goal for this weekend is to rest as much as possible and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Loss and Fatigue

My dad passed away a week ago after a brief illness. My parents live in a granny flat next door and Dad and I were always close, so this has been quite a shock to me and my family. The last time I can recall being this tired for such an extended period of time was when my younger son was a newborn. I just can’t believe how the emotional intensity of the past three weeks has taken such a toll on me…