Learning something new


Last weekend, my sister educated me about the delicious tradition of brewing loose tea. I am big tea drinker – black, breakfast, green, herbal, you name it and I’ll try it – and she has been trying to get me to give loose tea a try for years. Then over the weekend, we were stuck in a car together for 16 hours driving to a family funeral (in truth, we love to travel together, it just makes us sad when the reason is a funeral). So I asked her about loose tea, really just to make conversation. Little did I know what an impressive amount of information she carries around in her head on the subject!

Thanks to my sister, I am a convert to loose-tea-drinking! But more importantly, she reminded me what fun it can be to learn something new, especially when it is unexpected and delightful. What are you learning today that is new and fun?


Minimalist wardrobe revisited

Aahhh, the beginning of April! Time for spring and time to refresh my closet with my April-June “capsule” wardrobe (go to http://theproject333.com/ for more information).

What I learned in my first round of The Project 333 is that I actually need two capsule wardrobes – one suitable for a professional office and one for home. My clothes for these two purposes are vastly different, and I’ve found there is no way to mash all of them into one 33-item list. For example, I have 2 ball caps which I wear all the time around home (why two? one is for yard work – blech – and the other one is for everything else), and there is no way these ball caps could be re-purposed for work. This is not to say that my clothes for home are sloppy or not presentable; on the contrary, most of them are perfectly fine for buzzing around town doing errands. Yet they are not appropriate for work, so there can be very little overlap between the two wardrobes.

boy in hat crop

Living with far fewer clothes has been a wonderful change in my life, helping me to simplify my daily routines and consistently wear clothes that are more flattering. But almost every day, I need to get dressed twice: once when I leave for work in the morning and again when I change my clothes after work. While I would dearly love to have the kind of job where I can wear jeans and a t-shirt every day, I can’t see that happening any time in the near future. For the time being, I am going to continue to allow myself to have two separate wardrobes.

On my journey to Live to Be 100, I’m going to be realistic about my life and as kind as possible to myself. What about you?