Seize the moments

I am just back from going to lunch with my husband and children, who are in town for the week.* There was nothing particularly outstanding about this lunch at a regular restaurant with typical but good pub food. Yet this will be a memorable day for all of us, because we had a wonderful time together as a family!

When I live to be 100, I want to remember this day and how we all made an effort to slow down and spend a precious hour together in the middle of this weekday. This is the good stuff, folks!

*If you are new to this blog: my family and I are in the process of moving, but circumstances dictated that I move several months in advance of them. Each Sunday night, I commute from home to temporary living quarters, where I spend the week. We hope to be living under the same roof again by the end of the summer.


Burning the Candle at Both Ends (or, I’d Forgotten What This Feels Like)

I had the distinct and lovely pleasure of spending Mardi Gras with a dear friend, Kaitlin, and her family last night. Kaitlin is one of many friends taking turns nurturing me while I am living apart from my family for a few months. (If you are new to this blog, I have moved to a new city to take a new job, but several months in advance of my husband and 2 young boys).

This was my first-ever Mardi Gras celebration, and oh my we did celebrate! Kaitlin treated us to delicious homemade crawfish etouffe, french onion soup AND king cake. Of course we washed it all down with plenty of beer. Then Kaitlin’s family went to bed and we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, just laughing and talking.

Well, I’m really paying the price for all of the celebrating today. And I’m not talking about a hangover! No, this is just paying the price for staying up too late. I remember now: I didn’t even do this when I was younger, because this kind of exhaustion is not my style.

Yet last night was just plain old fun, and I hope we do it again. Just not until next year…