Making time and nature a priority

My family and I have recently returned from a glorious 2-week camping vacation in Glacier National Park ( If you have not visited, it is one to add to your bucket list.

I am desperately clinging to the feeling of hiking in the park, with no worries beyond what we had in our daypacks for lunch. But why do I need this feeling of space, of release, so badly in my daily life? How is it that I have allowed my life to become so cluttered up with activities and stress that I must constantly seek relief from it all?

Courtney Carver of Be More With Less has this to say on the subject:

So I am asking myself: what can I let go of? How can I simplify my life further in order to allow for the spaciousness I am craving?

This will be a work in progress.


The Reality of Human Trafficking

There are realities in this life that are ugly, fierce and revolting. One of these is the issue of human trafficking around the world and in the US. I am grateful to Heather Armstrong at for bringing the issue to my attention through a group called The Exodus Road. You can read more about the problem here: The Exodus Road on human trafficking in the US.

I hope I can do some good in this lifetime. I will be praying for this organization and the victims they rescue. I will pray for an end to the outrageous practice of human trafficking.


Because we all have issues we are afraid of

Heather Armstrong is a well-known blogger (perhaps one of the MOST well-known). Heather’s honesty is no secret to her readers. She is a good writer and has a very personal point of view about, oh, every topic she covers. I don’t always agree with her, but I always respect her perspective and her willingness to explore so much of what life throws at her. I enjoy her blog a great deal in general, but this? This truly deserves to be read and shared:

Nice work, Heather. Thank you for raising my awareness about two very important issues.



Minimalist wardrobe revisited

Aahhh, the beginning of April! Time for spring and time to refresh my closet with my April-June “capsule” wardrobe (go to for more information).

What I learned in my first round of The Project 333 is that I actually need two capsule wardrobes – one suitable for a professional office and one for home. My clothes for these two purposes are vastly different, and I’ve found there is no way to mash all of them into one 33-item list. For example, I have 2 ball caps which I wear all the time around home (why two? one is for yard work – blech – and the other one is for everything else), and there is no way these ball caps could be re-purposed for work. This is not to say that my clothes for home are sloppy or not presentable; on the contrary, most of them are perfectly fine for buzzing around town doing errands. Yet they are not appropriate for work, so there can be very little overlap between the two wardrobes.

boy in hat crop

Living with far fewer clothes has been a wonderful change in my life, helping me to simplify my daily routines and consistently wear clothes that are more flattering. But almost every day, I need to get dressed twice: once when I leave for work in the morning and again when I change my clothes after work. While I would dearly love to have the kind of job where I can wear jeans and a t-shirt every day, I can’t see that happening any time in the near future. For the time being, I am going to continue to allow myself to have two separate wardrobes.

On my journey to Live to Be 100, I’m going to be realistic about my life and as kind as possible to myself. What about you?

Junk Information

angry frog

Why, oh why, is there so much TERRIBLE information circulating? Pick a topic and then wade through a sea of gobbledygook: politics, war, internet security, parenting, even TAXES! Yes, this is a bit of a rant, brought on by my own search for information on natural exfoliants for the extremely sensitive and rosacea-prone skin on my face. Link after link on the internet kept taking me to the same two or three horrible articles. I guess there is nothing easier than posting a link to a webpage these days, but shame on the writers who just can’t be bothered to do any kind of research or even verify their sources of information! (Likewise, thank heavens for the commenters who point out the errors in the information – one can only hope folks are wise enough to read the comments…)

I will continue to search for the information I need, and I know there are many reputable sites and books available. But this problem is huge, and misinformation (or downright harmful information) is rampant. If you keep looking long enough, you might eventually find some correct information or some truth – but it’s still best to be skeptical and verify sources.