Vending machines – a necessary evil

I travel a lot, and no matter how well I plan (making room for fresh, healthy snacks in an airplane-sized carry-on is just not always feasible), all too often I find myself facing this for my lunch:


Ugh! What’s a traveler to do? I have found that the two healthiest options available from most vending machines are a bag of nuts (not sweetened) and – yes I am going to say this! – non-flavored potato chips. Seriously. The nuts are a given, even salted and roasted (as long as you are not allergic, naturally). But the chips? My explanation for this choice is that they are often the least-processed selection and only use three ingredients: potatoes, oil and salt. They wash the potatoes, peel them, slice them, fry them, put on some salt and then package them. You can argue that the oil is not good for you, but at least I know what it is. You can even argue that the sodium is too high, but I’ve done several comparisons to the other available choices, and the chips are always one of the lowest-sodium options. Surprising yet true!

Talk to me: when life hands you a vending machine, what do you choose to eat?


Feeling crummy in a hotel room

Traveling for work, feeling mildly ill, sitting in hotel room in Georgia. Ugh. Things could be worse – at least I’m not stuck at the airport in a snowstorm in the Midwest – still, being sick in a hotel room makes me feel lonely.

I had been feeling blue for the past couple of days, which I attributed to getting back on the road after several weeks of being home every night with my family. While I’m sure this transition back to traveling was part of my problem, it seems that I was feeling blue most likely because I was getting sick. I have been battling a mild case of something which feels like the flu on and off for a couple of weeks now, not quite completely recovering or feeling like myself, really.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to read the signals my body is sending me properly. I knew the headache I had was more than a regular headache, but did I treat it like that? No way! I was too busy in class, working, studying, and prepping for my trip. Actually, maybe my problem is that I know what is going on, I just don’t listen or heed my own instincts.

To tell the truth, since I gave up dairy 18 months ago, I don’t get sick much any more. I used to get migraines on a fairly regular basis, but those have stopped completely, thank goodness! I don’t get many colds now, and I rarely get the many and varied illnesses my kids bring home from school. I am still subject to regular old stress headaches and my tender stomach bothers me yet, but even those have become much more moderate. Overall, my health has improved noticeably since I gave up dairy!

I’d like to hear from you! What do you do when you get sick when you travel? What lifestyle changes have you made that have improved your overall health and well-being? Leave a comment and let me know how you are working to improve the quality of YOUR life!